White People, Come Get Your People

The recent incident in Charlottesville, VA was for ya’ll and by ya’ll (FYBY… Not as catchy as FUBU, but I digress), really had nothing to do with blacks. Yes, these groups are bonded by their hatred of blacks and other minorities. I am aware of that, but this – to quote a famous black proverb- sounds like a personal problem. A personal problem for white people that dates back to slavery.


Yes, I am bringing up slavery because  events that transpired over 150 years ago are still as pertinent to the state of racial affairs in this country as it ever was, which is further evidenced by the fact that us sophisticated futuristic millennium dwellers are still dealing with groups as archaic as the 150+ year old KKK in 2017.


Why? Because history is linear. America didn’t just wake up one day and decide to systemically oppress black people. Which is why we have never seen true harmony in America. We’ve gone from slavery to Jim Crow to Segregation to the Crack epidemic and Mass Incarceration/police shootings. All reactionary movements and laws put in place to stifle and suppress black advancement. White supremacy is woven into the fabric of American society and has been since the start.

Trump Presidency + Growing Minority Population = Perfect reactionary storm

And now we arrive at the incident in Charlottesville, VA, and I am not shocked that a country with a white supremacist as a leader whose father was arrested at a Klan meeting -not much different from the one he ignored for hours despite his penchant to live tweet everything from policy changes to threats of war- is experiencing this level of racial upheaval.

It is unsurprising that a nation fresh off a two-term black presidency with growing minority populations and visibility are shook at the prospect of equality. They understand the privilege that comes from inequality which is why white supremacy is woven into the fabric of American society. They have never shied away from that concept and are still very much fucking with it heavily, and would like to continue fucking with it well into the unforeseeable future.

Many of us are asking ourselves what can be done? Listen, we’ve suffered enough trauma in this country and have marched up and down very square inch of the land and received nothing but callouses and fake progress while attempting to prove our humanity when they know we’re human. They’ve busted us open enough times to know that we bleed the same way they do.


Get your people!

Its not our job to make them understand. The solution doesn’t involve us, black people,unilaterally facing off against the KKK. We have other communal needs to turn our attention to such as: Proper funding for our schools, housing, pay equality, etc. This isn’t to knock marching, but please raise hell at City Hall and the ballot box to address those issues because protecting and arming our community with political power and resources is our best defense and offense.

As far as the idiots with the tiki torches go, allies or self-proclaimed “good” white people need to get their people. These are your racist family members who say suspect shit at the dinner table that you shrug off.  Or your co-workers. These are you sons whose political views you just don’t like to “get involved” with (Looking at you Samantha Bloom). Complacency has been a greater weapon than nooses and shotguns in the white supremacy movement because it allows a faction of the white population to talk over and control the narrative of an entire race.

But make no mistake; Those of you without words, your hands aren’t clean and your silence doesn’t absolve you. Your inaction is an action.

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