(Cheat Sheet) 5 Facts About Vic Mensa’s New ‘Autobiography’ Album


  • 1. It Is the Rapper’s First Studio Album

With a resume that includes features from Kanye West and dubstep god Skrillex, it’s hard to believe that Vic Mensa ‘s Autobiography is his first studio album. But, it true! He dropped two mixtapes, Traphouse Rock (2012) and Innanetape (2013) -the former as a member of the now disbanded Kids These Days-, his debut Roc Nation EP There’s A Lot Going On (2016), and an audial manuscript of 4 songs aptly titled The Manuscript, which featured 4 songs that are all included on Autobiography.


  • 2. It Features An Uncredited Appearance From Fellow Chicago Rapper Dreezy

A quick listen to Heaven on Earth and the female voice on the end on the song is none other than Dreezy. Although she is nowhere to be found on the song’s credit, fans instantly took notice and the emcee confirmed via a simple retweet that it was indeed her.



  • 3.One Of the Songs Included a Diss to Another Rapper, Until Jay Z Stepped In.

The Pharrell produced OMG initially included a diss to rapper Lil Yatchy when he performed the song at the University of Cincinnati back in April. The Chicago rapper spit this line:

Yeah I signed to the Roc, now they say I’m Illuminati. Bitch I’m a tsunami. What the fuck is a Lil Yachty?


The line was later switched to:

We threw up the pyramids, now they say we Illuminati
Fox fur Cavalli, fuck Bill O’Reilly

What caused the change of heart? A chat with Jay Z who warned Mensa:

Do you, but what you’re doing won’t work out in your favorite because your heart is not in it. The universe only works one way.

Vic decided to throw harsh words at the uber problematic Bill O’reilly instead of bringign another black man down.

  • 4. Two of the Songs Already Have Visuals!

Rage and the Pusha T assisted OMG both have videos. See:

  • 5: You Can Buy the Album Here! :

The Autobiography [Explicit]

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