#HerStoryInTheMaking Featuring VP Writer-Publisher Relations at BMI, Catherine Brewton

Charming doesn’t even begin to describe Catherine Brewton, but it is by far her most notable characteristic. As Vice President of Writer/Publisher Relations of BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) -the first black woman to hold that title -she is a trailblazer. She has an enviable rolodex of friends and colleagues (she’s known DJ Khaled since his pre-They days and is on a nickname basis with Grammy-winning artist Ledisi, or Led as she calls her), and she breathes confidence.

That combination of favor and success often breeds jealousy, but that’s where that charm comes into play. The K’s chatted with Catherine on Thursday ahead of her special guest appearance at the Recording Academy Chicago chapter’s “Up Close and Personal with Ledisi” event moderated by Jonathan McReynolds and she was a treasure trove of gems. We discussed streaming’s impact on writers and compsers (“It saved the game!”), artists on the rise, how she navigates the game as a highly influential member of the industry, and her philanthropic efforts.


Conversation flowed back and forth from career and personal life, seamlessly, because -as we found out hours later while sitting in the audince at the Recording Academy event- despite her efforts to “turn-off” herrole as a visible member of music industry in her personal life, there is a lot of overlap between the two. Both are filled with grand stories of the stars we fawn over on social media and in real life – including an emotional run-in with Tyler Perry at a restaurant.

Stories so interesting in nature that it would take someone with humble confidence (a phrase Jonathan McReynolds used to describe Ledisi) and charm to help you see past the grandness to understand the message. Catherine is just that. You can check out the latest episode of #HerstoryInTheMaking featuring Catherine Brewton below.

Be sure to follow Catherine on Instagram: @C_brewton and on Twitter: @Cbrewton01

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